We believe that YOU come FIRST and profits second. We value long term relationships and shared success. It is why we get so much repeat business and so many referrals. This starts by putting the success of your project first and letting everything else fall naturally into place.

We believe that Integrity is everything. No one can control every result. And change, especially in our business, is inevitable. But the one thing we can control is INTEGRITY. Without it, there would be no long term relationships and that’s not how we do business.

Teamwork is the key to the best and most consistent results. Your team and the KITHSU Engineering team together act as one unit, completely dedicated to one goal – your success! It is why we insist that our people are not spread across many projects, why we do almost all work in- house, and why we focus so much on high performing team dynamics.

We are, at our core, engineering geeks. We are committed to producing the highest quality work. It’s why we work so hard to stay at the forefront of our fields, why we use formal, detailed design reviews, and why we do postmortems of each and every project. At KITHSU Engineering we are totally dedicated to continuous improvement.