About Us

The principals of KITHSU Engineering Solutions are, well, engineering geeks to our very core. On weekends you won’t find us out playing golf or tennis. You won’t find us gardening or camping. You’ll find us rebuilding classic cars, converting old monitors into smart monitors and designing/programming new applications for them, designing rain water collection systems, and even designing new styles of highly ergonomic furniture. Others do Sudoku and crossword puzzles to relax. We review blueprints and blue-sky new design concepts. It’s just who we are.

Sometimes stories tell it best:

One of our biggest clients came to us in an unusual way. They had worked with another consulting firm on one of their projects and once it was completed and in operation, they found that several pipes were routinely failing. They were cracking and leaking. The costs were skyrocketing because of the unexpected shutdowns and the client was at wit’s end. A mutual client had referred our company to them to troubleshoot the issue because of our thorough problem solving skills. When we visited the site we realized that it was a tricky problem, but upon doing detailed vibration analysis, we found that a nearby compressor was emitting just enough energy at just the right frequencies to crack welds between pipes and pipe support shoes causing piping fracture. Our stress analysis confirmed our diagnosis. To resolve the issue, we designed a special pipe support to attenuate these frequencies and the 8 month long expensive issue was resolved. This bit of engineering prowess, applied to a relatively small problem, won us a client for life. Attention to detail, and solid engineering is the cornerstone of who we are.

We believe in demonstrating social responsibility and take an active role in making our planet a better place. KITHSU Engineering Solutions is a family compromised of parents, engineers, leaders, and volunteers who are dedicated to the communities which we live in. We organize and donate our time to improve conditions for the elderly. We actively participate in charitable and community construction projects. We sponsor international scholarships to help the financially less fortunate leaders of tomorrow become everything they can be. And so it is with the kind of company we have built. We are about great engineering, but so much more too. Great engineering design and great execution are just the start. Leading by example, and maintaining safety, integrity, efficiency, and social responsibility round out the complete picture of who KITHSU Engineering Solutions is.

Every company is defined by “what they do” and “how they do it”. The “what we do” is pretty straight forward. We are a full-service Oil & Natural Gas consultancy firm that can execute all aspects of projects from concept design to construction support including commissioning. Beyond all the typical engineering consulting firm capabilities, we have full project management capabilities to manage everything from cost estimation, to project planning and scheduling, to staffing and staff management, to construction support and finally to approvals and local commissioning.

It is the “how we do what we do” that sets us apart, however. First and foremost, we put you, the client, and your project first. We only take on the work load we can handle without being heavily reliant on outsourcing and without spreading our people to the point that they cannot be responsive to you, or clearly focused on your results. We have a rigorous process for routine design reviews with subject matter experts at key stages of every project to insure quality, adherence to requirements and use of best practices. We post-mortem each and every project to insure continuous learning and to drive our innovation processes. We work to insure our teamwork is everything it can be, on a daily basis. Productive, dynamic, high-performance teams deliver the best results and we are committed to excellence in this area. It is a crucial part of our culture. And finally, we are committed to making the entire process and the status of your project an open book to you.
We are proud of the work we do, and the clients we do it for. And we look forward to showing you, in person, what makes KITHSU Engineering Solutions so special.